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Private Home Tutor

Private tutors provide one-on-one educational assistance to elementary and secondary school students or to adults. As an elementary school tutor, you may help children (grades 1 – 8) improve their skills in reading, writing or math. As a secondary school tutor, you may help students (grades 9 – 12) with English, history, science, math, French or other subjects. Tutors for adults may teach literacy, English or other languages, or other subjects. Generally, you are self-employed and operate a tutoring business. You may also work for a company that specializes in tutoring services or a community literacy organization. You may work out of your own home, your students' home, or a local meeting place like a library or community centre.

  • Work with students to improve their skills in certain subjects.

  • Prepare lessons, and assign and correct homework.

  • Evaluate students' progress and discuss the results with students and/or their parents.

  • Identify students' individual learning needs.

  • Prepare and correct tests.

  • Prepare invoices and receipts for students or parents.

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